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About us !

The company D. GOURGOULIS was founded in 1979 in the beautiful Zacharo of Ilia Prefecture. Already we count two generations of presence in the market thanks to your love and trust, and we are confident that with your support, this presence will continue for many more generations.

What makes our pastries and biscuits so special is our commitment to the recipes of the GRANDMOTHER who raised us, and we are proud to be faithful to this tradition. In our demanding times, our goal is to maintain our top quality untouched, while evolving by following, but also influencing, the trends of the time and creating new flavors to contribute to the transition of biscuit-making into the modern era.

The company today employs more than 70 employees, who together with the Gourgoulis family, produce daily the best result in all stages of production until the final product reaches your hands. Valuable assistants in this process are both the technical knowledge and decades of experience, as well as the utilization of the capabilities offered by modern technology.

Behind our company’s vision for future generations are Dimitris Gourgoulis and his wife Roula Frangouli. Thanks to their efforts, love, and dedication to what they do, our company is constantly growing and today is a state-of-the-art industry.

Our production process follows all the hygiene regulations of Greek and International Legislation, while an integrated quality assurance system ISO 22000:2005 is implemented. This has allowed us to continuously expand our presence in foreign markets such as: America, Canada, Germany, France, England, Sweden, Bulgaria, and Cyprus.

Thank you for your trust.

With esteem,

Roula Frangouli, Dimitris Gourgoulis