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Gourgoulis Bakery Welcomes You!

Allow us to guide you through our cookie-making process, where traditional recipes meet the most modern production techniques and strict quality standards! The result is the unique flavor of our products, which is sure to captivate you!

We stand at the pinnacle of quality because we invest in experience and dedication to perfect taste. Since 1979, Gourgoulis Bakery has developed ultimate expertise in the field of baking, allowing us to excel in creating high-quality products.

Our continuous growth is the result of our commitment to innovation and enhancement. We invest in new, state-of-the-art facilities that ensure consistent quality and repeatability of our results. This enables us to produce cookies that always stand out for their overall quality and their consistently unbeatable taste.

With our pursuit of perfection and dedication to continuous improvement, our cookies remain the ultimate choice for those seeking an authentic and delightful taste experience.

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45 years of innovation in the biscuit industry.

At Gourgoulis Bakery, we excel in variety and quality, earning multiple awards in taste competitions, including gold medals at the Mediterranean Taste Awards & Greek Taste Ambassadors.

Our success stems from our steadfast commitment to delivering the best product in every batch. From our traditional cookies to innovative products like sugar-free oatmeal cookies and filled treats, our range caters to every taste.

Furthermore, we continue to expand our range with new flavors and innovative products, while remaining committed to absolute quality and consistent innovation. We invite you to savor the taste of our success and discover why Gourgoulis Bakery is the preferred choice in the world of baking.

Love and Passion: The Essence of Creation

In every product we create, we put our heart and passion. Our dedication to quality and taste is the foundation of each of our creations. From the traditional to the most innovative products, our love for baking and our desire to bring joy to your table guide every step we take. By choosing our products, you choose to taste the love and passion that are in each of our creations.


Our filled cookies are simply delightful! The dough embraces the jams and chocolate in a filling that melts in your mouth as if it were made by your grandmother. The taste of these cookies will transport you to a world full of flavors and aromas, and each bite will make you want even more. Enjoy the complexity of flavors that spreads in each layer, let the sweet taste captivate and delight you. Get ready to experience an ultimate flavor journey with our filled cookies!


Our traditional cookies and biscuits are the ultimate definition of taste delight! Each bite is an explosive encounter between crispy dough and exquisite flavors that embrace your senses. From the classic, aromatic cookies that awaken memories of the past, to the unique, sweet biscuits that melt in your mouth, the taste and quality of our products are unparalleled. Every bite takes you on a gastronomic journey, and the enjoyment is endless. Get ready to discover the authentic taste of tradition in every bite of our traditional cookies and biscuits!

Sweet Health: The Ultimate Pleasure in Every Bite

Our cookies dedicated to good health and nutrition are simply delightful! With the same love and care we put into every product, we have created a range of sugar-free cookies that harmonize sweetness with health. Each bite is an explosive encounter between crispy dough and delicious flavors, without added sugar.</p> <p>Furthermore, we recommend our oat-enriched cookies, offering rich taste and high nutritional value. From the most classic to the most innovative, each cookie is a treat for your palate and your body. Get ready to enjoy sweet health in every bite with our cookies!


andreas spiliotisandreas spiliotis
12:34 05 Nov 23
17:37 26 Oct 23
Ο φούρναρης έρχεται καθημερινά στην Ελαία και προμηθεύει τους ανθρώπους εκεί στην παραλία με ψωμί και κυρίως με τις τσέπες βανίλιας που μας αρέσουν.Αν εμείςΜόλις είμαστε εκεί και φέτος, θα δούμε τι άλλο είναι καλό στο αρτοποιείο στη Ζαχάρω.
Nick BachtisNick Bachtis
14:03 27 Aug 23
19:35 17 Aug 23
dimitris mitsosdimitris mitsos
19:25 16 Aug 23
Μέτρια φάση γενικός!!ποικιλία μεγάλη αλλά μέτρια..
Sotiris DaskalopoulosSotiris Daskalopoulos
07:05 27 Oct 22
Μία πολύ καλή επιχείρηση με πολύ καλά προϊόντα
Εάν δεν έχετε δοκιμάσει... χάνεται!! Υπέροχες γεύσεις.
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We create with Love

Since 1979, Gourgoulis Bakery has been committed to offering the finest cookies on the market. With a tradition spanning decades, we persist in the absolute quality of our ingredients and our exceptional craftsmanship. Each cookie is made with passion and care, reflecting our dedication to the art of baking. With each creation, we bring to your table a flavor experience that stands out, undoubtedly being the choice for those seeking ultimate enjoyment in every bite.