Cookies with filling

Cookies with filling

Apple cinnamon 4kg

MTA 2021

Devil's double cream 4kg

bueno 4kg

Extra double filling 4kg

Choco Berries (Summer edition) 4kg

Rodeo double cream 4kg

Rodeo double peanut butter 4kg

Stick Bueno 4kg

Filled with tachini and chocolate 4kg

White crunch 4kg

Choco crants 4kg

crunchy caramel 4kg

double filled 4kg

Full 55 praline 4kg

Full 55 orange 4kg

Cookies chocolate with praline filling 4kg

Cookies filled with praline 4kg

Sesame nest 4kg

Choco berries 4kg

Bianco 4kg

Orange nest 4kg

Orange de cream 4kg

Apple and cinnamon and chocolate 4kg

Petal orange and chocolate 4kg

Orange petal with chocolate truffle 4kg

Open hereo 4kg

Open strawberry 4kg

Open banana 4kg

Οpen apple and cinnamon 4kg

Open orange 4kg

lemon pie 4kg

Strawberry pie 4kg

Praline 4kg